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Miguel Tavora


Team Role: Long time Coach and Mentor


Miguel was born in Portugal and did his early training with the renowned Nuno Oliveira. He is a master and scholar with a Masters in Portuguese equitation whilst in the military, and he is a NCAS level 3 Dressage instructor. Nowhere in our travels have we found anyone like Miguel. He has guided us through much of the training we use today and is a constant influence on us. He has a remarkable way of training horses through problems in a simple and

non confusing way, resulting in a stress free training system and well schooled horses.




Elka Fischer of Equine Performance and Wellbeing


Team Role: Equine Massage and Neurophysiologic therapist.


Elka is a long time supporter and team member of Robali Equestrian and Mckinnon Sport Horses. She has helped us keep our horses physically supple, healthy and happy for many years now. Elka is a weekly visitor to our stables.








Mel Widdis of Fortissimo Freestyles


Team Role: Freestyle coordinator


Mel has been a friend, team member and sponsor of Robali Equestrian and Mckinnon Sport Horses for many years. We work so so well together as a team. Mel has produced many fantastic freestyles for us, something we are beginning to get a reputation for. This wouldn't happen with out Mel and we simply would not use anyone else! She is irreplaceable!






Andrew Aitkins


Team Role: Farrier


We are very lucky in our area to have 2 good farriers. The saying goes “No hoof, No Horse” Andrew is one farrier who helps us with this huge task of keeping our horses sound and happy. It’s a very hard job with many different aspects to consider. He is easy to work with and open to discussion and does a fantastic job.







Perry Lethorn


Team Role: Farrier


Perry is another of our wonderful team. He started working with us with a very difficult horse who hated having his feet done and was taking a large portion of the week to shoe. Perry was very patient and calm and has since persuaded this horse that its not so bad and we now have a happy, sound and fully shod horse.








John Crowley of Silver Pines Vet Clinic


Team Role: Vet


Again we are very lucky to have 2 amazing vets to use. John has been our vet for many, many years and is a wealth of knowledge. I’m sure he has seen it all!! We are very fortunate to have his practice on the corner of our street, so in the case of emergencies our horses are in the safest spot possible with the best of care!







James Whitefield of SHEC


Team Role: Vet


The 2nd of our wonderful vets is James Whitefield. More recently moving to the Southern Highlands he too is helping us with the health of our horses. James has worked over the years with the well-known Randwick Equine vets and specialises in performance horse soundness. He too is  a much valued part of our team.


Robbie Mckinnon


Team Role: Rider, Coach and owner of Robali Equestrian &  Mckinnon Sport Horses


FEI Grand Prix Dressage Rider, and NCAS Level 1 coach. Robbie has been successful as a young dressage rider and show horse rider. She started professional riding when she came back from a training trip to Germany in 2007. She has since trained and competed a number of horses at all levels of dressage from local competitions to National and international level. She was a member of the youth Olympic dressage team and has been on the state and national dressage squads for almost 10 years. She has also had a lot of success competing in the Arabian ring and the open show ring on a number of horses, as well as a National and Grand National Champion rider.

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David Mckinnon


Team Role: Rider, Coach and owner of Robali Equestrian &  Mckinnon Sport Horses


FEI Dressage Rider and NCAS level 1 coach. Dave started his dressage career after leaving school and beginning work at Woodside stables here in Bowral. He then trained with top Dressage rider Brett Parbery for a few years before beginning Mckinnon Sport Horses. He has enjoyed huge success on a number of different horses including Novice and Elementary Champions at both a State and National Dressage Championships on Bradgate Park Jatz owned by John and Bev Healy.

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Ali Soster


Team Role: Coach and owner of Robali Equestrian


NCAS level 1 coach. Ali is the founder of the Robali business. She began this business in the eighties with her late husband Robert breeding Arabian horses. A strong early influence was the renowned Jim Delamont who was the stud manager at  Madoroma, owned by Mrs Dorothy Soster. She has trained numerous horses to a high level of showing and dressage and has since passed this knowledge on to her daughter Robbie and many other high level competitive riders. She also bred and showed many champion Arabians and derivatives in the early years.

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Kelly Purdon


Team Role: Groom


Kelly is a valued friend and the one to whom we entrust the care of our horses (and dogs) when we are away at competitions. She has years of experience within the thoroughbred industry and is trusted by many in our area to horse sit when stud principals are absent.























Edwina Hutton Potts


Team Role: Fill in Groom, Wardrobe co-ordinator and part time PA.


Eddie is a hugely loyal, star pupil, but has also become a great friend and part of the team. She has on many occasion been Robbie’s outfit co-ordinator at the shows and has filled in when the other girls when they are away. She is always acting as our PA and is a great supporter of the Robali and MSH team. Eddies mum Jane Hutton Potts AKA Mumma Jane can not be forgotten. Always there as a team supporter.









Team Role: Head of Client Liaison and coach supervisor.













Bacci (Choc)


Team Role: Client Liaison and welcoming committee.















Team Role: Mouse Patrol and Night watch security.

















Team Role: Mouse Patrol and Night watch security.



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